Meet the Team

ICI is headquartered in Switzerland and operates in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Meet the people behind our work!

  • Main Office

    Nick Weatherill has been the Executive Director at ICI since September 2011, leading the foundation’s efforts to strengthen child protection and tackle child labour in cocoa growing. Prior to joining ICI, Mr. Weatherill worked for 17 years in the humanitarian sector, for the European Commission, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), and for a number of NGOs.

    Matthias Lange joined ICI in March 2012 after ten years of professional experience in international development and humanitarian aid with the French Development Ministry and the European Commission in the field of rural development, food security and nutrition in Europe and in West Africa. Since 2015, Matthias is ICI's Director of Programme and Policy, overseeing ICI operations, programme and strategy development and policy engagement.

    Tiffany is a Swiss National of American origin with 24 years of professional experience in financial management, audit & control, and programme operations management, with the last 11 years operating at leadership and senior director level in both non-profits and private-sector corporates. Tiffany joined ICI in 2018.

    Emmanuelle joined the ICI team in May 2016. A French national, qualified and experienced in international Human Resource Management, Emmanuelle started her career as Recruitment Specialist for international head-hunters. Most recently, she worked as Senior Human Resources Officer for the AKAM/AKDN, in charge of HR support/management for field entities based in West Africa, Middle East and Central Asia regions.

    Olivier Laboulle joined ICI in 2015 having worked on environmental sustainability, education and livelihoods, predominantly in Africa and Europe with non-profits, public-private partnerships, social enterprises and the UN. He has an MSc in Human Rights with a focus on supply chains. Olivier leads the development and roll-out of ICI’s programmes across the organization.

    Trained as an architect, Megan has worked in research, evidence-based advocacy and programme coordination in both humanitarian and development contexts. Prior to joining ICI, she spent six years with non-government organisations and the UN in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    Sonja Molinari joined ICI in 2011. Previous to ICI, Sonja worked 20 years in international development and cooperation in Switzerland and Sub-Saharan Africa with WWF, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Eliminating Child labour in tobacco growing Foundation (ECLT), with a focus on programme management and coordination. She is experienced in sectors related to community development, disaster prevention and management , environmental sustainability and child protection.

    A Belgian national, Jean-Yves is a qualified agricultural engineer specialised in finance whom supported and administered international projects during 9 years in West Africa, Tanzania and Haiti, within the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO).

    Audrey joined ICI in August 2019. Previous to ICI, Audrey worked 8 years in international humanitarian organizations with a focus to support medical projects on HR and Finance, in various countries mainly in Africa.
    Audrey’s responsibilities include budgeting and monitoring of expenses, financial management and reporting for projects.

    Anna joined ICI in May 2018. She has a background in applied development economics and quantitative data analysis, and several years of experience in evaluation of development programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She holds a PhD in Economics and Finance.

    Emma Vaulot joined ICI in September 2019. Previous to ICI, Emma worked for over 20 years in the travel and hospitality sectors, both in Geneva and in the UK. Emma has lengthy experience of business travel management for international corporate clients, as well as for government and non-government organisations.

    Sean Mowbray joined ICI in 2019. He has worked in communications for NGOs in the field of human rights for several years and was a freelance journalist covering a range of topics including science and the environment.

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