Bledou Kangakro

About the Community

The community of Bledou Kangakro is located in the Soubré district of Côte d’Ivoire. There are an estimated 1712 people living within the community. Within the community, there is a kindergarten and a primary school

  • The closest primary health center is 36km away from the Bledou Kangakro community.
  • There is a safe water point nearby this community.
Actions by ICI
  • A women’s group has been set up in Bledou Kangakro. ICI has donated a grater and two cassava presses to the women’s group so that they can produce cassava paste from their crops.
  • ICI donated a rappe, two presses to the women’s group so that they could produce manioc paste from their culture and a tricycle motorcycle have been given to the CCPC for the IGA’s development,
  • Vocational training/training of 11 children, 7 girls, and 4 boys. The chosen trades are hairdressing, sewing, and mechanics (car, motorcycle, bicycle), the end of the training with the master craftsmen being planned for April 2020, the follow-up will be ensured by the members of the CPE and by the parents of the beneficiaries,
  • CCPC received a motorcycle tricycle as part of an Income Generating Activity’s (IGA) development
    The Community Services Group (CSG) set up was initially equipped with boots, machetes, files, sprayers, sprayers and personal protective equipment (PPE),
  • The 25 women’s group received follow-up and advisory support in their IGA’s development.
  • 80 children benefited from supplementary judgments,
  • 17 children received school kits,
  • Capacity building for the development of IGAs for the Women’s Group and the provision of agricultural kits.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Women's group
  •  Teacher accommodation have been built by the community,
  •  Cassava cuttings of the YASSE variety have been offered  to members of  women’s group,
  • Creation of a farmer school field for producers by an NGO,
  • Rehabilitation of the blackboards of the community’s primary school by the GSC,
  • 100 table benches to the primary school by a village manager have been given,
  • The GSC carried out 46 contracts (on-farm services),
  • Rental of the press’s and graters and that of women’s performance,
  • Establishment of a second cycle of the Women’s Economic Strengthening Women’s Unit (CREC)-incentive to save and empower women’s micro-projects,
  • Establishment of rice, maize and manioc fields by the Women’s Group.
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