About the Community

Dohoun-Konankro is a community in the South-West of Côte d’Ivoire, situated in the region of la Nawa in the department of Méagui. It is located 19 km from the next town (via an unpaved road). According to estimates made by community leaders, the community has a population of 4,460, of which 3,160 are children. Linguistically and ethnically, the community is composed of Baoulé, Agni, Dioula, Burkinabé, Béninois and Malien. The community has a primary school building with six class rooms. The school has 153 pupils and six teachers.

This community is a group of several camps.

Actions by ICI
  • Establishment of a Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC); establishment of a Community Service Group (CSG); establishment of a women’s group
  • Training of community leaders and members of the CCPC on child labour
  • Elaboration of a CAP (Community Action Plan), with all major socio-ethnic groups divided into five focus groups: community leaders, youth, women, children attending school and children not attending school
  • Training of CCPC members on resource mobilisation
  • Training of women’s group on community life
  • Training of CCPC, CSG and women’s group on simplified accounting
  • Equipping of CCPC (24 posters for sensitization, one image box, 200 flyers, two bycicles, one megaphone) and the CSG (10 machetes, one file, five pairs of boots, one sprayer, one protective suit)
Actions by ICI
Income generating activity
Women's group
  • Improved access to education: number of children attending school has increased from 138 to 153 (increase of 11 %).
  • Better organization of women and improvement regarding their income. The women’s group has administrative documents and it is officially recognized. The group was donated equipment from the First Lady of Côte d’Ivoire during her visit to the community. Due to income generating activities, the group has mobilized 987,000 CFA francs in one year of operation. It donated the sum of 50, 000 CFA francs to the School Management Committee for the rehabilitation of classrooms built by the community.
  • 20 awareness-raising sessions conducted by the CCPC have reached nearly 600 people. Two thirds of the people involved now have a better understanding of hazardous work child labour and adopted attitudes and behavior that better preserve the rights of children.
  • The CSG has conducted over 40 services to the farmers for a total amount of 537,000 CFA francs.

Before we started this project with ICI, all women were isolated and only took care of their household. There were no community activities for women.

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