Douedy Guezon

About the Community

The Ivorian community of Douedy Guezon has a population of 4735. The community has a primary school.

  • The closest primary health centre is 3.5km away.
  • The community has access to a safe water point.
Actions by ICI
  • A women’s group has been formed in the community and trained on cassava cultivation. Members have been equipped with a grater and a cassava press to allow them to produce cassava paste.
  • A Community Service Group (CSG) has been set up in the community. Members have been trained in agricultural techniques and provided with equipment such as crop sprayers, machetes, gloves, safety glasses and boots. The CSG provides cocoa farmers with available and affordable labour within the community.
  • A Community Action Plan has been developed after consultations with community members.
  • A Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC) has been formed and its members trained in awareness raising. Members conduct outreach sessions to increase awareness of the worst forms of child labour. They also collect data from households to identify children at risk and monitor the activities which children are doing.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Pieces of farming equipment
Community Service Group
  • Women within the community have been empowered through the cassava growing income generating activity.
  • The Community Service Group provides cocoa farmers with an available and affordable source of labour, reducing the need to rely on children as workers.
  • CCPC members conduct awareness raising sessions and monitor children’s work activities on a monthly basis.
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