About the Community

Gligbeuadji is an ECLIC community located in the District of Bas-Sassandra, San Pedro Region, San Pedro Department and Doba Sub-prefecture. It is about 85 km from San Pedro, 55 km from Gabiadji and 25 km from Touih. The population is estimated at about 7,900. Most of ethnic groups are composed of Bakwé, allochtones, Baoulé, Agni, Dioula, Senoufo and nationals of all ECOWAS countries.

  • The community has two private schools and a school group of seven classrooms with two buildings of three brick rooms each and a room made of local materials;
  • The community has a rural dispensary;
  • The community has three village pumps and one under construction for the school;
  • The community does not have rural electricity.
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