About the Community

Godililié is an ECLIC community located on the Divo-Lakota axis. It is part of the district of Gôh-Djiboua, in the Lôh-Djiboua region in the department of Divo. It is attached to the sub-prefecture of Divo. The population is estimated at about 517. Aboriginal, allochtonous and allogeneic populations are co-existing. Ethnic groups present are the Dida, Dioula, Baoule, Lobi, Gouro and Mossi.

The community has a primary school with three classes;
the community doesn’t have a health centre;
the community has two hydraulic pumps, one of which is functional;
the community does not have electricity.

Actions by ICI
  • Establishment of a Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC);
  • Establishment of a women’s group;
  • Equipment of CCPC (4 watering cans, 2 sprayers, pairs of boots, bush knives, eggplant seed, fertilizer);
  • Equipment of Women’s group ( two pressers, a tricycle with insurance, sticker and registration offered).
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Women's group
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