About the Community

The Groussisso community has a population of 1582. The community has been working with ICI since November 2015.

Actions by ICI
  • A women’s group has been set up in the community of Groussisso. The women’s group has been provided with a grater and two cassava presses as part of an income generating activity. The group is active and currently growing crops.
  • A Community Service Group (CSG) has been set up in the community. The CSG consists of young locals who receive training in agricultural techniques. Farmers who require work on their farm can then request the services of the CSG on a credit based system. ICI provides tools such as machetes, boots and gloves.
  • ICI has trained a facilitator who will conduct literacy classes for adults in the community.
Actions by ICI
  • So far the women’s group is cultivating one hectare of maize, o.5 hectares of cassava, o.25 hectares of beans and 0.25 hectares of chili peppers.
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