Koffikro (Divo)

About the Community

The community of Koffikro (Divo) has a population of 5301. There is a primary school within the community.

  • It is 16 km to the closest primary health centre from the community.
  • There is a safe water point available to community members.
  • Koffikro (Divo) also has sanitary facilities.
Actions by ICI
  • A Child Child Protection Committee (CCPC) has been set up in the community. The Koffikro CCPC has six members. They are trained in awareness raising techniques and provided with logistical equipment to allow them to conduct community outreach sessions on child labour.
  • A Community Service Group (CSG) has been set up. The CSG is made up ten members. They are trained in agricultural techniques and awareness raising on child labour. Members then assist local farmers on their farms on a credit based system.
  • A women’s group is now active in the community. Women are mobilised around income generating activities. In Koffikro the women’s group is cultivating a one hectare plot of manioc.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Benches provided
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