About the Community

Bagui (Kouadiobakro) is an ECLIC  community. It is located 25 kilometres from Méagui and 80 km from Soubré. It is located in the Bas Sassandra District, Nawa Region, the Méagui Department and the Méagui Sub-prefecture. The population is largely composed of: Baoulé, Sénoufo, Malians, Burkinabe, Bété, Togolese and Malinkés.

  • There is a school;
  • There is a no health centre but there is a private health unit;
  • There are 4  water pumps (2 in the village and 2  in two in two of the nearest settlements).
  • There is  no electricity.
Actions by ICI


  • Establishment of Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC), equipped with a megaphone, bikes, a set of awareness-raising posters and pair of boots.
Partnering with
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