About the Community

Kouassikro is a community with an estimated population of 1.526 , of which 871 are children. The community has a primary school but no other educational facilities.

  • The closest primary health centre is 11 km away from the community.
  • There is no safe water point within the community.
Actions by ICI
  • A local women’s group has been set up and trained on cassava and bean cultivation. Members have been provided with equipment (a grater and a cassava press) so that they can produce cassava paste.
  • A Community Service Group has been trained in farming techniques so that the members can assist cocoa farmers as a means of affordable labour. Equipment has been provided (a crop sprayer, ten machetes, ten pairs of boots, safety glasses and gloves).
  • Focus groups were organised in the community and meetings were held to develop a Community Action Plan which outlines the community’s vision for development activities.
  • The Community Child Protection Committee etablised conducts outreach and community awareness sessions on the worst forms of child labour.
  • In addition the CCPC identifies working children at the household level and monitors their activities.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Pieces of farming equipment
  • Women in Kouassikro have been empowered and provided with alternative sources of income through assistance in growing cassava crops.
  • The Community Service Group offers farmers an alternative source of affordable labour, lessening the reliance upon children as a source of labour.
  • Child labour in the community is monitored by the CCPC during monthly scheduled visits.
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