About the Community

Kwankyeabo is a community in the Atwima Mponua district of Ghana. It has an estimated population of 475, of which 239 are children. The community has both a kindergarten and a primary school. The nearest junior high school is 6km away and the nearest senior high school 14km.

  • The nearest primary health care centre is 14km away.
  • This community has a safe water point which is a five minute return trip away.

ICI has been working with the community since September 2015.


Actions by ICI
  • Child labour and child protection awareness sessions have been organised within the community. These sessions inform community members of the harms and consequences of child labour. The sessions include community leaders, men and women of all ages, and children.
  • A Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC) has been established and trained in Kwankyeabo. Members were trained on ICI’s awareness raising tools and are responsible for continuing the sessions.
  • A Community Action Plan (CAP) has also been developed.
  • A Community Service Group has been formed to assist farmers on their farms to reduce the need to use child labour. This group is comprised of local youth who have trained in farming techniques.
  • Based on the outcome of the needs assessment, 10 people have been support to engage in Income Generating Activity (IGA)
  • Child Protection Club has been formed to build upon awareness of child protection and child rights among children.
  • Members of the CCPC, CSG and Women group and community leaders have been trained on group dynamism and conflict management. This is to assist the groups to have better understanding of conflict issues and how to handle and resolve them.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Community Action Plan
Community Service Group
Income Generating Activity
Next Steps
  • Training: CCPC members will be trained on how to implement the CAP and on child labour monitoring.
  • Women’s empowerment: Women’s groups will be formed to build leadership skills and enhance the role of women in community development. Women and youth will be trained in vegetable growing and other marketable activities to provide alternative sources of income.
  • Education: Non-formal classes will be organised for women groups’ youth and older children who are not in school, allowing them to learn basic numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Meeting with GES (District Directors, School placement officers and Examination officers), parents with wards in JHS 3 and SMCs/PTAs to discuss the importance for their children to continue to secondary education.
  • Build the capacity of teachers, including the headteachers and circuit supervisors, on child protection, child rights and school friendly environment.
  • Community Service Groups: Members will receive training on farm sanitation including weeding, pruning, moss removal from cocoa trees. These skills will then be applied to assist cocoa farmers, reducing the need to use children as labour.
  • Organise gender empowerment training for women and community leaders
  • Organize relevant and appropriate occupational health and safety training for IGA members
  • Train child protection club members on health and safety, personal hygiene as well as reproductive health
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