Mesre Nyame

About the Community

The community of Mesre Nyame, in the Asante Akim South Region of Ghana, has a population of 341. The community is served by a kindergarten, a primary school and a junior high school. Prior to ICI’s intervention in the community there was poor attendance at schools, in part due to a lack of teachers. The construction of a teachers’ accommodation in the community enabled the local schools to have teachers in the classrooms five days a week. Having teachers in the schools, and the renovation of classrooms helped to increase attendance.

  • Mesre Nyame does not have a primary health centre, the closest is located 13 km away.
  • There is a safe water point available to community members.
  • The community also has sanitation facilities.


Actions by ICI
  • Establishment and training of Community Child Protections Committees (CCPCs)
  • Strengthening of School Management Committee (SMC)
  • Leadership training for Community leaders (unit committee, chief and elders, opinion and religious leaders)
Actions by ICI
Classrooms renovated
Teachers' accommodations
Income generating activity
Farmer Field School
  • The Community Child Protection Committee monitors activities of hazardous child labour and raises awareness in the community. They visit schools every term to sensitize children on their rights and responsibilities. Parents who infringe on the rights of their children are spoken to by the CCPC.
  • The community leaders lobbied the municipal authorities to provide electricity and to connect the community to the national grid.
  • 124 children have access to good classrooms, the classroom renovation contributed to an increase in school attendance.
  • The teachers’ accommodations have led to an increased teacher presence in the school from 3 to 5 days a week – this also motivates children to attend school regularly on these days.
  • The Farmer Field School has led to increased yields, putting parents in the position to hire adult labour and provide adequate protection for their children.
  • 13 people were trained in snail rearing to provide an additional source of income.
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