About the Community

The Ghanaian community of Mpeam has a population of 845. Within the community there is a kindergarten, a primary school and a junior high school.

  • There is no primary health centre in Mpeam, the closest is 3 km away.
  • The community has access to a safe water point.
Actions by ICI
  • Development of a Community Action Plan (CAP).
  • Awareness raising sessions on the dangers children may face while working on the farm.
  • Community Needs Assessment conducted using Protective Cocoa Community Framework.
  • Establishment and training of Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC).
  • Strengthening of the School Monitoring Committee (SMC).
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Community Action Plan
Next Steps
  • Child Protection Club: CPC members will be trained on health and safety, personal hygiene as well as reproductive health.
  • Women empowerment: Women and community leaders will be trained.
  • Community Child Protection Committees: CCPC members will be trained on the  tool for identification of children engaged or at risk of child labour and remediation strategy.
  • Community Service Group:  Group will be set up to assist local farmers with laborious work, reducing their need to use children in the field.
  • Education: A meeting will be organised with GES , parents of JHS 3 students and SMC/PTA members to discuss the importance of secondary education.
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