About the Community

The community of N’denou has a population of 3311. Within the community there is a kindergarten and a primary school.

  • There is a primary health centre within the community.
  • The community has access to a safe water point.
Actions by ICI
  • Literacy classes were conducted with 48 community members of which 43 participants were women.
  • A women’s group has been formed in the community. The women were trained in banana cultivation and are currently in the planting process. Once completed they will have a 0.5 hectare plot to raise additional income from.
  • A Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC) has been formed in N’denou. The CCPC receives training in awareness raising techniques and undertakes community outreach sessions.
  • ICI has provided the community with 50 canteens and 20 canteen benches, as well as a canteen kit.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Participants in literacy classes
Canteen benches
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