About the Community

Located in the Assin South district of Ghana, the Nsuakyir community has a population of 990, of which 505 are children. The community has a kindergarten and a primary school. The closest junior high school is 3 km away, while it is 29 km to the closest senior high school.

  • The closest primary health centre is 6km away.
  • This community has access to a safe water point.

ICI has been working with this community since September 2015.

Actions by ICI
  • Child labour and child protection awareness raising sessions have been organized for community leaders and community members.
  • Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC) members have been trained on the tool for identifying children at risk of child labour and remediation packages available for identified children and their households.
  • Implementation of Community Action Plan (CAP) is underway with active participation of community members and the Municipal assembly.
  • Community protective assessment data collection was carried out in the community to aid in determining the level of protection of children and the community members’ knowledge, attitude and practice towards child protection.
  • The CCPCs together with some community leaders were trained in the formulation of community rules and regulations. A community-wide meeting was held for the community to support and accept the process.
  • The Community Service Group in the community is still providing labour services to farmers. The group has invested GHC3,610 through their work.
  • 9 interested women have been supported to engage in vegetable IGA in the community.
  • 25 beneficiaries made up of 20 women and 5 men are undertaking literacy and numeracy classes. This is being carried out in collaboration with the Non-Formal Education Division (NFED) in the district.
  • Community Needs Assessment has been conducted using the Protective Cocoa Community Framework (PCCF) approach.
  • Training on record keeping, savings, financial and conflict management, occupational health and safety have been given to IGA members to build their capacity.
  • A training programme on Gender Empowerment and Sensitivity for women and male community leaders was organized for selected community members.
  • 8 SMC members in the community have been trained on school governance.
  • Child Protection Club (CPC) members in the community participated in a quiz in Assin Fosu on child protection and child rights.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Community Action Plan
Income Generating Activity
Community Service Group
room Staff quarters
  • 2 children, made up of  a girl and a boy, have been enrolled in vocational training. They were supported with the required tools, enrollment fees and are also receiving monthly stipends.
  • 9 beneficiaries engaged in vegetable IGA have made GHc4,050 extra income from the sale of their produce.
  • The parents of 2 children identified to be at risk of child labour have been absolved into the IGA programme
  • Out of the income from their labour services, The CSG in this community has acquired a second motorised mist-blower to aid their work. This cost the group GHC1,900.
  • ICI in partnership with the Non-Formal Education Division (NFED) has graduated 52 participants under the Literacy and numeracy programme
  • The community has renovated the JHS 1 classroom and repaired the furniture for the JHS section of the school.
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