Petit Katiola

About the Community

The community of Petit Katiola has  a population of 880. There are no schools within the community.

  • The closest primary school is 6 km away.
  • The closest primary health centre is also 6 km away.
Actions by ICI
  • A women’s group has been set up in the community of Petit Katiola. The group has been provided with tools for cassava cultivation and received a grater and cassava press to produce cassava paste for consumption.
  • A Community Service Group (CSG) has been set up in the community and its members trained in agricultural techniques. CSG’s provide cocoa farmers with available and affordable labour. ICI has equipped the Petit Katiola CSG with a crop sprayer, ten machetes, ten files, ten pairs of boots, a pair of safety glasses and two pairs of gloves.
  • A Community Child Protection Committee has been set up in Petit Katiola. Its members are given training on the concepts of the worst forms of child labour and shown awareness raising techniques.
  • A Community Action Plan has been developed with the participation of community members. The plan outlines community members vision for tackling child labour.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Pieces of farming equipment
  • The Petit Katiola women’s group has helped to empower local women by providing them with alternative sources of income, as well as basic training.
  • The Community Service Group now assists local farmers in their tasks for an affordable amount, reducing the reliance upon children who may otherwise have to work in potentially hazardous conditions.
  • The CCPC conducts community outreach sessions, collects data from households to identify working children and carries out visits to check on the activities being undertaken by children. These visits and sessions are scheduled once a month.
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