About the Community

The community of Petit-Paris has a population of 3177. There is a primary school within the community.

  • The closest primary health centre is 28 km away.
  • The community has access to a safe water point.

ICI has been working with the community since November 2015.

Actions by ICI
  • Development of a Community Action Plan with members of the community.
  • Child protection awareness raising sessions have been organised within the community.
  • A women’s group has been formed in Petit Paris.
  • A Community Service Group (CSG) has been set up in the community. The CSG members receive agricultural training and are equipped with tools by ICI to allow them to assist farmers on their fields. The
  • A Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC) has been set up in Petit Paris. Members of the committee have received training on the worst forms of child labour, awareness raising techniques and resource mobilisation. CSG members also participated in the training.
  • ICI has provided the community with 30 benches.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Benches provided
  • Around 400 members of the community have been reached by awareness raising sessions so far.
  • So far the women’s group has planted five hectares of cassava.
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