About the Community

Sinikosson is an ECLIC Community located in the Montagnes district and in the region of Guémon; more precisely in the department of Kouibly. Sinikosson is a settlement of Pagnebly, and is attached to the Sub-prefecture of Ouyably-Gnondrou from which it is distant of 29 km from the capital (Ouyably-Gnondrou). The population is estimated at about 1055 people. The vast majority of the population is composed of: Wobé (Aboriginal), Baoulé, Sénoufo, Lobi, Mandé (allochtones), Burkinabese, Malian and Beninese (allogenes).

  • The community has a public primary school;
  • The community does not have a dispensary;
  • The community does not have a water pumps;
  • The community does not have electricity.
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