About the Community

The community of Worapong has a population of 165. There are no schools within the community.

  • The closest primary school is 2 km away
  • It is 4 km to the closest primary health centre.
  • Worapong has a safe water point within the community.
Actions by ICI
  • Community needs assessment carried out using the PCCF approach.
  • Child labour awareness raising on hazardous activities has been organised for community leaders and community members. These sessions are important as they inform those in attendance of the dangers of child labour. This is a core element of ICI’s entry into a community.
  • A Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC) has been set up and provided with training on awareness raising. CCPC members are tasked with providing house-to-house awareness raising within their community.
  • A community wide meeting was held following the awareness raising sessions and a Community Action Plan (CAP) produced for implementation.
  • CCPC members and community leaders trained on resource mobilization towards CAP implementation.
Partnering with
Actions by ICI
Community Action Plan
Community Service Group
  • The community have formulated community rules and regulation with the support of ICI and the district authorities.
  • The community has a standing Community Service Group to replace children on the cocoa farms.
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