About the Community

The community of Zatta has a population of around 7,000 adults and 3,200 children. With a total population of 10,200 inhabitants, it is the largest community working with ICI.

  • The community has access to a primary health centre.
  • A safe water point is available to community members.
Actions by ICI
  • A Community Action Plan was developed with the community.
  • ICI has developed bridging and literacy classes in the community of Zatta. These classes allow children who have been kept out of school to catch up with their peers while also allowing adults to gain basic literacy and numeracy skills.
  • A women’s group has been set up in Zatta and trained in basic agricultural techniques. So far 1.5 hectares of cassava and 1.5 hectares of maize have been planted by the group. They have also received a grater and a cassava press to allow them to produce cassava paste.
Actions by ICI
Awareness session attendees
Bridging classes constructed
Literacy class constructed
  • Two bridging classes and one literacy classroom have been constructed and opened.
  • 142 community members were reached in six community awareness sessions on the dangers of agrochemicals and the wearing of heavy loads.
  • The Community Service Group (CSG) has undertaken 12 contracts on nine hectares of land for a total of 140,000CFA. The work of the CSG helps to reduce the reliance of farmers upon children for labour, as they have access to an affordable source of labour.
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