La communauté

The Laminedougou community has a population of 1244, of which 664 are children. The community has a primary school. The closest kindergarten is 17 km away and it is 40 km to the closest junior and senior high schools.

  • Laminedougou does not have a primary health centre within the community. It is located 15 km away.
  • The community has access to a safe water point.
Actions par ICI
  • A women’s group has been formed in Laminedougou. In October 2016 the group planted one hectare of cassava and the year previously they planted one hectare of soya. The crops will provide an alternative source of income for the women involved.
  • A grater and cassava press were given to the women’s group to allow the production of cassava paste.
  • A Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC) has been set up in the community. The members of the CCPC receive training on awareness raising techniques and take on the responsibility of conducting community outreach.
  • ICI has trained and equipped a Community Service Group (CSG) in the community. The CSG provides a source of affordable labour for farmers.
En partenariat avec
Actions par ICI
Awareness session attendees
  • Between January and November 2016 the CCPC reached 76 community members in two sessions on the dangers of agrochemicals and the wearing of heavy loads.
  • The CSG has undertaken eight contracts since forming in August 2016, working on eight hectares for 80,000CFA on credit. This kind of work helps to lessen the reliance upon children as a source of labour on cocoa farms.
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