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ICI is actively seeking new partners to expand its activities and strengthen child protection in cocoa-growing communities.
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The International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) is an independent, non-profit foundation focused on finding and accelerating sustainable solutions to social challenges in the cocoa sector, specifically centred on the promotion of child protection and the elimination of child labour. We count some of the largest and most influential chocolate companies, processors and traders among our contributing partners and board members, as well as a variety of international organisations, non-industry actors, non-profits, unions and civil society organisations. We are convinced that optimal solutions depend on shared responsibility and collective action. Thanks to our multi-stakeholder composition, which also binds in the governments of cocoa-producing countries, we are optimally placed to bring about change across the whole cocoa sector.

Corporate Contributing Partners join by paying an annual contribution fee determined by their type of company (manufacturer, processor, trader or retailer) and the annual tonnage of cocoa bean equivalent used by their business. Civil Society Partners or other donors may also join our network to offer either technical or financial support, provide advice or expertise to ICI and our coalition, and sometimes to serve on ICI’s multi-stakeholder Board alongside our corporate Board Members.


At ICI we know that the prevalence of child labour and child protection risks remains a significant risk for the cocoa sector: for companies’ reputations, for the sustainability of the cocoa-supply chain, for the wellbeing of cocoa- farming families, and for the development of producing countries. Since children are both the principle victims of unsustainable practices today and the cocoa farmers of tomorrow, we believe that child protection needs to be at the heart of all cocoa sustainability efforts. And we are confident that the more companies and organisations we get united behind ICI, as it expands its capacity to assist and influence, the more progress we will all make in tackling this problem responsibly, effectively and appropriately.

If you or your company/ organization would like to enquire further about supporting or partnering with ICI, please write to us at

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