Good Practices 11 October 2016

Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System

The second pillar of ICI’s engagement along the cocoa supply-chain is the setting-up and management of Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems (CLMRS). As a structure embedded in the supply chain of chocolate and cocoa companies, it aims to identify and remediate cases of child labour. The system is based on the presence of facilitators within cocoa-growing communities who raise awareness on the issue of child labour, identify cases and request remediation actions that are implemented by ICI together with the chocolate company and cocoa supplier. All the information is collected via smartphones and gathered on a database from which systematic analysis can be conducted and remediation strategies refined. Started as a pilot in 2012, the system currently assists 194 farmers’ cooperatives and targets over 160,000 cocoa farming households through its implementation in the supply chains of 8 companies.

Our Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems have provided assistance to 215,000 children since 2015. Learn more in our 2019 annual report.

In some cases, remediation is highly individualised and focused on the specific needs of a particular child. In others, it can cast its net wider and aim to tackle broader problems that affect the whole community. Broader remediation actions include the development educational infrastructure and bridging classes for children that have dropped out of school, school kits equipped with the necessary class material and birth certificates in order to ensure their entry to secondary education. In addition to that, Community Service Groups enable farmers to acquire affordable adult labour during harvest season – instead of relying on help from their children. Adult literacy and numeracy classes also strengthen communities’ resilience to use of child labour and Income Generating Activities (IGAs) contribute to families’ livelihoods.

Read Nestlé’s Tackling Child Labour 2019 report here to learn how they are implementing CLMRS in their supply chain



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