ICI Documents 11 June 2020

ICI Annual Report 2019

In 2019, the International Cocoa Initiative worked with its partners to tackle child labour in cocoa communities by implementing responsible supply chain monitoring and community development work to support farming families.

ICI’s 2019 Annual Report presents impact stories related to Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems as well as the results from two community development projects: ICI’s Community Development Programme and the Eliminating Child Labour in Cocoa project. Combined, these two sources of impact have led to ICI directly impacting over 380,000 children since 2015, surpassing its end of 2020 target of 375,000 children impacted.

The report also presents learning and innovation to support the scale up of impact to protect more children and members of cocoa communities from child and forced labour. As ICI’s 2015-2020 strategy nears its end, scaling up impact and learning from what works will become even more central to the new post-2020 strategy.

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