ICI Documents 2 May 2017

ICI’s community assessment tool – Protective Cocoa Community Framework

The ICI Protective Cocoa Community Framework Questionnaire (PCCF) is a community assessment tool conducted annually in each of the communities in which ICI operates. The assessment tool incorporates key demographic data and community development indicators related to child protection, gender empowerment, education and livelihoods in cocoa-growing communities in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. The PCCF questionnaire has been refined in consultation with key technical and academic child protection experts and organisations.

The purpose of the PCCF tool is as follows:

  • A baseline needs assessment tool which also informs ICI’s decisions on targeting and community entry.
  • A monitoring tool which allows ICI to monitor progress and changes from one year to the next across the set of key community development indicators.
  • Refining strategies and defining good practices in terms of programming and identifying priority areas for interventions.
  • A risk assessment tool that can help identify communities which may carry a greater risk to children’s engagement in child labour.

Find more information on the PCCF here

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