ICI Documents 12 April 2019

Protective Cocoa Community Framework

The Protective Cocoa Community Framework (PCCF) is an assessment tool developed by the International Cocoa Initiative. It is used to understand the extent to which a community’s environment protects children from engagement in child labour and hazardous child labour.

The tool measures key indicators related to community development, community empowerment, education, child protection, gender and livelihoods in cocoa-growing communities in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. It serves as a:

  • Community assessment and profiling tool (which also informs decisions on targeting and community entry)
  • Programming tool (to identify priority areas for intervention and good practices)
  • Monitoring tool (allows stakeholders to monitor progress and changes from one year to the next across a set of key indicators)

Using the Protective Cocoa Community Framework to better understand child labour risk

In 2017, ICI administered a child labour survey alongside the PCCF to 8,200 households across 258 communities. Using this data, econometric models were developed for both Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Based on their characteristics, communities can be classified into one of three “child labour risk” categories. The aim is to use this information to support children at risk more efficiently.

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