17 January 2018

Food Navigator: How effective is cocoa certification?

How effective is cocoa certification?

The online magazine Food Navigator discusses the current status of cocoa certification and the advantages and disadvantages of this premium-based system. While certain cocoa farmers praise the utility of receiving certification premiums, others, such as Sako Warren, the Executive Director of the World Cocoa Farmers Organisation, say it hasn’t delivered its purpose.

We at ICI work closely with UTZ Certified (now merged with Rainforest Alliance) to incorporate the robust child labour monitoring and remediation system we have developed into their code of conduct.  We believe that the issue of child labour should be tackled collectively and without punishing the already poor farmers for sometimes taking their children to the cocoa fields and involuntarily exposing them to dangerous work. In the report, the magazine talks to Mars,  Cargill, UTZ, cocoa farmers and ICI to assess the effectiveness of certification and its relevance in the context of today’s industry developments.

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