17 December 2020

ICI 2020 recap: Top news, publications and videos

As the year comes to a close take a look at the International Cocoa Initiative’s top stories, publications and most viewed videos.

ICI’s top news

  • ICI calls for massive expansion of effort in the fight against child labour to reach all those in need – Nick Weatherill, ICI’s Executive Director lays out ICI’s new strategy to scale up child protection in the cocoa sector over the next five years. Read more.
  • ICI’s 2019 annual report: Learning from impact, innovating to scale up – A look back at ICI’s work between 2015 to 2020, when over 380,000 children living in cocoa communities were positively impacted. Read more.
  • ICI publishes awareness-raising materials to support the fight against child labour – Dive into ICI’s freely available tools for spreading the word on child labour. Read more.
  • Five ways education can help to tackle child labour in cocoa-growing communities – A quick look at some of the positives education can bring when increasing child protection. Read more.
  • The role of cooperatives in the fight against child labour – An interview with a member of a Community Service Group explores the role farming cooperatives have in increasing child protection. Read more.

ICI’s top publications


ICI’s top videos

The Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System explained

This short explainer looks at how ICI’s CLMRS works in practice to tackle and prevent child labour.

ICI’s vision for change

ICI lays out its roadmap for change in the cocoa sector to support the scale-up of child protection.

Raymond Assalé, Community Facilitator

A short video featuring the story of Raymond, a Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System Community Facilitator who explains his role in the fight against child labour.

Community Development in Action: Abease’s story

This film returns to the community of Abease. ICI worked with the Abease community as part of its Community Development Programme.


Protecting children in Ghana through education

This film explores the role of quality education in increasing child protection.

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