1 December 2017

“ICI empowers us to work for the progress of our communities”

Rapid assessment of alternative or additional livelihood for cocoa farmers in the western region of Ghana

Eric Sackitey, a cocoa farmer in the Ghanaian community Adomponsu, is a member of the local Community Child Protection Committee (CCPC). In order to sustain the efforts of these committees in the communities, ICI supports the members to start additional income activities. This serves as a form of motivation to fund their activities as CCPC members. Based on their interest, some CCPC members have been supported to start vegetable, rice and fruit farms. Others have also gone into gari and palm oil production and bead making. Beneficiaries are also trained in basic business management practices as well as best practices for the activity they choose to engage in.

Eric has been supported with agrochemicals, seeds and farming tools to start a garden egg farm which he did in August. He has cultivated about two acres of land and is looking forward to cultivating another portion close to a water source for dry season farming.

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