12 January 2015

ICI member in focus: OLAM

ICI member in focus: OLAM

One of the world’s largest suppliers of food and industrial raw materials, Olam International has recently announced that it has agreed to acquire ADM’s cocoa business, making Olam Cocoa one of the world’s top three cocoa processors.

As a contributing partner since 2013, Olam supports ICI’s core programme of promoting child protection in cocoa-growing communities in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, providing sustainable solutions to social challenges in the cocoa sector, specifically centred on tackling child labour.

Olam and ICI also collaborate in the framework of the ICI-Nestlé Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System, which is designed to create an environment where child labour is understood as a serious issue, and is identified and addressed throughout the supply-chain. Olam is also working with the Fair Labor Association to improve labour standards, having become an Affiliate Member in 2013.

The company launched the Olam Livelihood Charter (OLC) in 2010 to set a benchmark for projects incorporating improved yield, labour practices, market access, quality, traceability, social investment and environmental impact. The 2014 report is now available with 30 initiatives embracing over 350,000 cocoa, coffee, cotton, cashew, chilli, sugar and black pepper smallholders. Not only is this an increase in farmers of 12% on 2013, it also marks a significant milestone with Olam now purchasing one million tonnes of products from these farmers.

Beyond the OLC, Olam manages a further 160 initiatives from rural electrification and water facilities to building health centres and schools.


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