Media 21 June 2018


A recent Raconteur report has named ICI and our industry partners as some of the leading organisations in the fight against child labour. The report, written by Oliver Balch entitled Child Labour: the true cost of chocolate production, focuses on the issue of child labour in cocoa,  efforts which are being made towards its elimination and the associated challenges.

According to the article, “the last decade and more has seen a wide array of initiatives by businesses, governments and charities to combat cocoa’s child-labour problems, from building schools to training farmers in more efficient growing methods.”

ICI is identified as the Foundation providing order to the efforts of industry partners like Mars, Hershey’s and Ferrero “with an explicit mandate to eliminate child labour” in the cocoa sector.

The article goes on to talk about ICI’s use of monitoring and remediation systems based on the Harkin-Engel Protocol. The efforts of industry and civil society partners like Tony’s Chocolonely, Nestle and UTZ towards the elimination of child labour and improvement of the life of farmers also feature strongly in it.


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