28 March 2018

“Kweku and the bird” – Episode 3: The role of women and economic activities

"Kweku and the bird" - Episode 3: The role of women and economic activities

The third episode focuses on the key role women play in ensuring a better future for their children. By producing and selling soap for example, as is the case in the video, they are able to buy textbooks for their children. The episode starts with Kweku wondering what Mazi, his friend and a girl he likes, is doing next to her mom, who is stirring something. He learns it is soap the mother is making and wants to learn to do it as well. His father and Badu, the teacher, approach them and are eager to find out more about how this economic activity helps increase the household income.

“Kweku and the bird” is a 3D-animation series developed by the International Cocoa Initiative. Feel free to share this video for teaching or awareness-raising purposes. If you need further information or simply want to share your thoughts and experiences, please contact us at info@cocoainitiative.org.

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