10 April 2018

“Kweku and the bird” – ICI launches animation series

"Kweku and the bird" - ICI launches animation series


Kweku is a 12-year-old boy living with his father in a cocoa-growing community in West Africa. His father is poor, he relies on his son’s help on the farm and can’t afford to send him to school. He has never had the opportunity to attend school himself and doesn’t immediately see the merits of granting Kweku access to education. Lack of options is the reality for many children living in cocoa growing regions but Kweku is not a real boy, he is a fictional character and the hero of ICI’s new awareness-raising animation series “Kweku and the bird”. Representing the typical fate of many children involved in child labour in cocoa, Kweku’s story is told in four short episodes that explain the problem, its causes and challenges, but also how they can be helped.

The difference between dangerous and light, socialising tasks for children; the importance of education; women’s economic contribution to livelihoods, and the role of communities are all explored in the four episodes of the series. ICI aims at raising awareness on all levels with this fun and accessible way of informing about the issue – the series will be shown in cocoa-growing communities to accompany our community work, but will also be broadly distributed on our social media channels in order to show the realities of life in cocoa communities. Teachers are welcome to use the series for their classes and discuss the issue of child labour in cocoa with their pupils.


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