17 October 2016

Nestlé develops new actions to empower rural women in cocoa

Two women holding a pot with water celebrating Rural Women’s Day

Through its partner ICI, Nestlé decided to support thirty nine new rural women’s organizations by implementing income generating activities in 2016.

This support is part of the empowerment initiatives of women in cocoa growing and is part of Nestlé’s action plan to fight against child labor in its supply chain.

On the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women, women of Aniassué, Bouaflé, Divo, Duékoué, Lakota, Soubré and Tiassalé will receive, by the end of october, material essentially composed of: 120 dabas, 120 hoes, 400 packaging, 120 basins, 120 machetes, 120 pairs of boots, 20 wheelbarrows,  5 tarps, 250 chairs, 7 tricycles.

The provision of this material will help these women to develop agricultural and economic activities. For this purpose, they will benefit from a technical assistance of ICI foundation in the implementation of their income generating activities.

Mme Henriette Odo, President of women’s organization of Binao (N’Douci), indicated that: “We were suffering much to bring our products from the farms to sell them on the markets. Our farm is located at 9,5 Km from the village and we are women of a certain age. In addition, the cost of transport is high. But this material that we are receiving will help us easily transport our goods and sell them. Therefore, we will be able to financially participate in our children’s schooling”

Nestlé is convinced of the importance of rural women’s role in fighting against child labor due to her responsibilities in managing the family and children’s education.  “This is why, through ICI Foundation, we develop an action plan for their empowerment. This plan favors equal opportunities, helps increase women’s income and gives them the opportunity to make their voice heard”, M. Mauricio ALARCÓN, Chief executive of Nestlé Côte d’Ivoire indicated.

Rural Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate women for their multiple roles not only within the family unit but also through community live. At the beginning of this school year, it is important that we provide rural women with means to contribute to their children’s schooling” Mme Euphrasie AKA, Regional Representative of ICI Foundation for West and Central Africa and National Coordinator said.

Started in 2014, the program allowed sixty six (66) women producers’ organizations and mothers of child workers to benefit from income generating activities. Besides, many partner cooperatives benefit from Nestlé and ICI’s gender advocacy program within their organizations.

For further information and request of interviews, please contact


Patricia EKABA, Nestlé Côte d’Ivoire,  (+225)  225 22 40 62 24 | (+225)  54 18 13 25



ICI Foundation

Roselyne Kandel, Fondation ICI, (+225) 22 52 70 97 | (+225) 07 67 77 36



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