18 July 2014

Nyamebekyere school: From planks of wood to dual desks

Nyamebekyere school: From planks of wood to dual desks

Elizabeth Amoako, a primary 2 pupil, used to sit on planks outside of her classroom because there was not enough furniture for all the children attending the only primary school in the Nyamebekyere community in the Wassa Amenfi East District of Ghana. Community leaders and members of the Child Protection Committee and of the School Managament Committee recognised the need to improve school infrastructure in order to increase school attendance.

The International Cocoa Initiave, through its Microproject funding – small grants supporting access to basic services –  responded to the call and supported the school with 10 dual desks which will be used by 20 children from primary 1 and primary 2 classes.

“Now we don’t sit on the floors to write and our school uniforms don’t get dirty as when we used to sit on the floors to study, ” says Elizabeth but adds that more furniture is needed to make sure that all kids have proper desks to sit on and study and be encouraged to come to school every day.

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