4 July 2017



For the implementation of its activities in San Pedro region, ECLIC project equipped  Community Child Protection committees (CAP-CCPC) of Kouadiokro, Ichiakakro, Glibeauadji, Jeannotkro and Yankadi’ s communities with protective, training and sensitization material.

Each CAP (CCPC received: two bikes, five waterproofs, five pairs of boots, two tablets and a solar charger, an image box, a megaphone, two backpacks and an information package on children’s rights.  The work equipment given, took place respectively on 27th June  and 28th June, with local authorities from San Pedro. Its aims to facilitate awareness-raising of field representatives. Working in these communities is often difficult, given the accessibility.

With her staff of San Pedro, on 28th June, Mrs Caroll Miloky, Project Manager, went in Kouadiokro’s community to symbolically give not only a work equipment to the Community Child Protection Committee but also to sensitize on the appropriation of this important project by beneficiaries: « Community of Kouadiokro should be really around the project and the activities, we will do together. We want to help you but it is you, first, the dynamism of CAP’s members. We want to count on you ». She also noted that this donation is translating the implementation of actions from ECLIC project for the benefit of Kouadiokro’s community. Therefore, she asked that all community be supportive of the ECLIC project and further the activities, as the prefect of the area wished during the request submitted of current needs from the ECLIC project of San Pedro.

The leader of the community, Mr. N’guessan was pleased with the support provided by ECLIC and which is already materializing, in particular through the thinking provided for the community’s primary school building. « Many companies came without hesitation, it is because of that, from my position of leader of this community, I am happy from actions leaded by Community Child Protection Committee. Through me, it is all the community who thank you for all you are doing for us », implied Mr Brou N’guessan. Also, the representative of Community Child Protection Committee, expressed his happiness, thanking ICI for its supports. He also explained to members of the community, the workshop which took place with local authorities on Kouadiokro’s current needs and the insurance given by the prefect on her supporting the effectiveness of the school.

Kouadiokro is an ECLIC community. It is located in the District of Bas-Sassandra, in the region of San Pedro, exactly in the department of San Pedro and the sub-prefecture of Grand-Bereby.

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