10 March 2016

Reporting on child labour in cocoa: Journalists join ICI in Côte d’Ivoire

Reporting on child labour in cocoa

The International Cocoa Initiative was joined in March 2016 by national and international journalists in Côte d’Ivoire’s Yamoussoukro for a media training on child labour in cocoa growing. The technical part of the workshop looked at causes and consequences of child labour, as well as solutions that various actors are currently applying on the ground. The aim of the training, followed by two field trips, was to enhance the reporters’ understating of the complex issue as well as encourage a discussion about the role of media in reducing child labour. The journalists visited the cocoa growing community of Bonikro, where they witnessed an awareness raising session and talked with various people in the village, including with women growing cassava to supplement their family income. The community has three elementary schools and a health center but no secondary education opportunities and no potable water.

On the following day, the members of the media visited Didoko in the department of Divo where the old school exists only on paper. Children currently sit by 4 or 5 on each bench at improvised classrooms outside the houses of the village chief and the village counselor. Luckily, this situation won’t last long. Across the road, there is a brand new school and a playground built as a result of the community, ICI and Nestlé joining forces to improve the lives of children in the village.

Here’s a selection of articles by participants of the media training (in French):

Maryam Coulibaly, Agence Ivoirienne de Presse: La Fondation ICI et Nestlé donnent vie à l’EPP 4 de Didoko, une école publique “virtuelle”

Cyprien Kouassi, Abidjan.net: Lutte contre le travail des enfants dans la cacaoculture en Côte d’Ivoire, un atelier initié à Yamoussoukro

Stéphane Dibi, Agrici.net: 35 journalistes de la presse nationale et internationale formés sur le PFTE pendant trois jours

Emilie Iob, Voice of America / AllAfrica: Ivory Coast Fights Child Labor on Cocoa Plantations

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