24 June 2020

Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa publishes its 2019 annual report

Collaboration with District Authorities (Ghana)

The Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa, a partner of the International Cocoa Initiative, has launched its 2019 annual report highlighting progress towards a sustainable cocoa sector among its members. Key highlights from the report include an eight percent increase in the importation of sustainable cocoa top 58%, over 68,000 farmers reached by Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems, and increased collaboration at the international, national and local level.

The Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa brings together a wide range of stakeholders in the cocoa value chain, including manufacturers, retailers, NGOs, and research institutions. ICI works with the Platform specifically in areas of sustainability related to child labour and child protection.

Also featured in the Platform’s annual report is research that explored the impact of positive and negative income shocks on child labour, carried out in collaboration with ICI. This literature review was published in 2020 and offers insights into programming designed to protect children, indicating that increased income, in some cases, can result in more working hours.

Read the press release or access the Swiss Cocoa Platform’s annual report here.

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