28 July 2021

Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa publishes 2020 annual report

Collaboration with District Authorities (Ghana)

The Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa (Swissco), of which the International Cocoa Initiative is a member, recently published its 2020 annual report. It details ongoing efforts to improve sustainability in the cocoa supply chain and provides an update on progress towards the organisation’s goal of importing 80% of Switzerland’s cocoa products from sustainable production by 2025. Notably, there was an increase of 17% of sustainably sourced cocoa bean equivalents, resulting in 74% of imports now originating from sustainable production. The report also provides the main results and learnings from an ongoing Living Income and Child Labour Working Group, comprised of 16 private sector, non-profit, and research organisations, including ICI. A Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System benchmarking study that set an operational definition for these systems is also featured. The benchmarking study was carried out by ICI and commissioned by Swissco.

Read the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa’s annual report here.

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