8 April 2021

Toms Group releases 2020 sustainability report

Collaboration with District Authorities (Ghana)

Toms Group, a partner of the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), recently published their 2020 sustainability report, providing an update on their Sustainable Cocoa Sourcing Program.

The report details action taken to support farmer livelihoods and tackle child labour. Toms’ sustainability programme targeted 4,520 farmers. Of these 709 farmers received training on livelihood activities. While a focus on supporting the development of educational facilities was pursued to improve child protection. Specifically, Toms supported the provision of school furniture and the construction of a toilet facility at a school in one of their sourcing communities in Ghana. Empowering youth in 20 communities through training to become entrepreneurs was another element of their strategy in 2020.

Read Toms’ 2020 sustainability report here.

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