13 January 2020

Tony’s Chocolonely publishes 2018/19 annual report

Assessing the Resilience of the Cocoa Value Chain in Ghana

Tony’s Chocolonely, an International Cocoa Initiative contributing partner, has published its 2018/19 annual report. The report details Tony’s steps towards making their supply chain 100% slave free. Included are ongoing efforts to tackle child labour through the use of the Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System to identify cases of child labour, find solutions and continue monitoring in cocoa communities. The CLMRS is being implemented by Tony’s with its cooperative partners and is carried out with the support of ICI.  As part of this, there were 25,846 participants in child labour awareness raising sessions as well as various over remediation actions, such as provision of birth certificates or health care policies.

Read Tony’s Chocolonely’s Annual Report.

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