16 May 2019

Touton published its Sustainable Sourcing Report 2018

Touton Sustainable Sourcing Report 2017/2018

ICI board member Touton published its Sustainable Sourcing Report 2017/2018, listing the activities of basic rights, professionalisation & economic growth, adapting to changing conditions and industry & innovation.

Some of the most important results are the following:

  • 2,365,735 cocoa seedlings distributed to farmers
  • 36,613 farmers trained on GAP’s
  • 34,552 cocoa farmers mapped
  • 34,945 cocoa farmers trained on child labour
  • 5,921 households with systems in place to prevent, monitor and remediate cases of child labour
  • 13,218 farmers with access to professional labour and quality inputs

Protecting Children

Touton is working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on piloting the “Family makes the Difference” (FMD) approach in three communities in Côte d’Ivoire. FMD is a parenting intervention that aims to promote the wellbeing of young children by reducing harsh punishment, improving parenting practices, and improving child development. It has been successfully trialled in numerous countries in Asia and in Africa. The FMD interventions will be conducted in communities where Touton are also running International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Services (CLMRS).

The CLMRS approach

Touton has adopted a hybrid approach for monitoring child labour. A supply chain approach using ICI’s CLMRS, and a community based approach using Child Rights International (CRI)‘s Ghana Child Labour Monitoring System (GLCMS). The latter aims to reduce risks that a child could be exposed to beyond our supply chain by monitoring households and supply chains in the entire community.

Last season Touton worked with ICI and CRI to: – raise awareness within communities on child protection and the risks of child labour, set-up community-based structures to promote child protection and identify and address potential cases of child labour, develop community activities that support a nurturing environment for children and facilitate access to education.

Sustainable Sourcing Report (2017/2018)

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