11 May 2017

World’s children’s prize: AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH

World's children's prize

Children from six schools of 50 communities focused by Eliminating Child labour in cocoa culture (ECLIC) from United state Department of Labour took part to world’s children’s prize for the children right from 05 to 12 april 2017. They are Public Primary School (PPS) of Ouyably-Gnonfdrou, of Petit Guiglo, of Sokoura, of Sakua, Duékou », Soubré, Gagnoa, San-Pedro and Sassandra.

This involvment is including in the learning of children and teachers on the children’s right, politics and law on children’s protection mainly and in particular in Côte d’Ivoire. It is the result of a relationship between The Wolrd’s Children’s Prize organisation and the teacher’s coordination teachers from school and all the educational staff from the area (DREN , IEP).

Upstream of this activity, training sessions have been executed for teachers and children between february and April 2017 on children’s right, the law and children ‘s protection politic in Côte d’Ivoire.

This year, the program has been managed in six schools said before and will be  gradually expand at all the 50 Eclic project communities

« World’s children’s prize is an innovative approach in the children training on their right and i greet the good involment of schools associated to ECLIC project to this program. I would like to thank local educative authorities who brought their support and who where involved for the successfull of this action. As concerning parents, the polling day, they were effectively present and pleintitful,  so, their involvement during the process, their intrest for children education and the training on children’s rights and duties. i would like to invite you to apply what they learned for the fulfillment and the happiness of children », Declared Madam Euphrasie Aka, National Coordinator and Regional Representative of Fondation for Western and center of Africa.

To help pupils to discover, to make themselves heard and understood”

World’s children’s prize is a program which aim to help pupils to discover and to become aware of their rights, to make themselves heard and understood. It’s executed through a educational process structured on « by children, for children », promoting children’s right, democracy, environment’s protection and universal friendship. It’s occur each year and allow to elect a personalitiy who stand out in the world for his postition statement or his action in favour to children’s right . It is the most annual training on equality rights, children’s rights and democracy. Is the unique prize of children’s prize  awarded to children themselves.

For the world’s children prize 2017,  three questions of children’s protection where tackled  in particular :

  • The support to poor children and vunerable
  • Access to education for blind children and for children hanving another  disabilities
  • The fight against female genital mutilation, early marriage and forced marriage

According to Madam Caroll Miloky, ECLIC project manager, « All the main challenge of this program is to ensure in each school where we are working, a protect environment , favourable to learn and to the harmonius  development of each child such as children training on their right and duties, but beyond that, by the daily use of gained experience ».

Eliminating child labour in cocoaculture supported by United State Department of Labour and executed by the Foundation International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) has been launched by the First Lady of Côte d’Ivoire, Chief excecutive of National Monitoring commitee , the 19th My, 2016 for 04 years (from November 2015 to November 2019).

ECLIC project will allow to 50 communities in Côte d’Ivoire to conceive and to implement community action plan in order to eliminate child labour. In these communities, 5450 vulnerable children involved or running the risk of being involved in child labour will be supported.


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