Community Development Programme

ICI’s Community Development Programme directly supported communities in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire increase child protection

ICI’s Community Development Programme, funded by its industry board members, assisted 75 cocoa-growing communities in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire between 2015-2018. It’s principal goal: eradicating child labour. The project followed a holistic, community-led approach. Development activities, provision of quality education facilities, adult literacy, awareness raising, income-generating activities and community empowerment formed the core elements.

The following activities were central pillars of the Community Development Approach used in the programme:

  • Children identified in child labour, or at risk of child labour, were provided with direct remediation.
  • Community Action Plans were prepared by communities, following a participatory approach with men, women, community leaders and children, with the support of ICI. This document prepared the groundwork for future community development centred around child protection
  • Community Child Protection Committees (CCPC) were set up within communities to conduct awareness raising on the risks of child labour and the importance of education. Members, volunteers from within the community, assisted with the monitoring of children and also supported ICI to set up remediation activities.
  • Provision of access to quality education, school infrastructure, bridging classes for out of school youth, and adult literacy and numeracy classes.
  • Implementation of income generating activities within at-risk households to diversify income and reduce reliance on cocoa crops. Women and youth in particular were targeted.

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