ICI's awareness-raising kit

The International Cocoa Initiative has produced materials to support child labour awareness-raising in cocoa-growing communities.

Training manual

ICI has produced a training manual to help practitioners and actors carry out their work against the Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) in an effective and professional manner. The manual is designed to:

  • Help practitioners enhance the effectiveness of their actions against WFCL in the field;
  • Provide technical and methodological tools to all involved in the training of actors in combating WFCL;
  • Stimulate discussion among the various actors in order to constantly improve the tools and methods described;
  • Contribute to the debate on the evolution and implementation of stakeholder participation in the process of eliminating WFCL.

Download the training manual (pdf, 2MB)

Child labour pamphlet

This document includes information on hazardous activities, preventive and remedial actions, an explanation of children’s rights and definitions related to child labour.

Download the pamphlet (pdf, 6MB)

Hazardous child labour activities in the cocoa sector posters

These posters are designed to raise awareness of hazardous tasks for children. They include the potential consequences of hazardous tasks and good practices to follow. They cover the following topics:

  • Clearing of forest and felling trees
  • Bush burning
  • Exposure to agro-chemicals
  • Using sharp tools
  • Climbing trees
  • Carrying loads

Download the posters (pdf, 17MB)

Awareness-raising flipbook

This flipbook contains information on “Eliminating the worst forms of child labour in the cocoa sector”. It is a practical training tool to raise awareness amongst those involved in the cococa sector, farmers, community members and others. It covers five key areas:

  • The perception of the child in traditional African societies as compared to international standards
  • The rights and responsibilities of children and obligations of parents
  • The perception of child labour in traditional African societies
  • The key concepts relating to child labour
  • The causes and consequences of child labour on the health, safety and holistic development of the child

Download the flipbook (pdf, 23MB)

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