Our Work

We support communities, we reinforce supply chains, we engage with national authorities, and we advocate internationally in support of cocoa sustainability.


We collect evidence (data, information, case studies) that shows what works and what does not work in the fight against child labour in cocoa. We then disseminate knowledge and good practices to different stakeholders in the cocoa sector.

We convene key stakeholders from the cocoa sector and beyond to discuss challenges and find solutions through our Annual Stakeholder Meetings. We participate in different international meetings with civil society, the cocoa industry, cocoa-producing, and cocoa consuming governments. Serving as a voice for children in the global agenda, we influence international debates, policies and strategies for tackling child labour in cocoa and promoting child rights.

We work with international companies to help them design programmes that reduce child labour and other risks, and that integrate responsible supply chain management into their businesses.

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