Our Work

We support communities, we reinforce supply chains, we engage with national authorities, and we advocate internationally in support of cocoa sustainability.


We deliver training on child protection and child labour to different parties (e.g. chocolate companies, cocoa traders and processors, cocoa suppliers, farming cooperatives, national authorities, extension services, and local NGOs) in order to strengthen their understanding of the issues and their capacity to take appropriate actions to tackle child labour.

We help the private sector to change business practices and implement supply chain strategies that help manage the risk of child labour responsibly. This includes establishing child labour monitoring and remediation systems.

We provide training and technical advice on child labour to the governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, including the National Steering Committee on Child Labour in Ghana, the Oversight Committee against Child Labour in Côte d’Ivoire, and the Public-Private Partnership Platform of the Ivorian Coffee-Cocoa Council (Conseil Café Cacao). We also help the national governments coordinate the various actors and initiatives aimed at eliminating child labour.

We support public awareness-raising activities on child labour and the promotion of child rights through national advocacy and communications, for instance on the occasion of World Day against Child Labour.

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