Targeted Income Support to Vulnerable Households to Reduce Child Labour

A joint project with Nestlé, ECOM, with funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

Project overview

This project is testing new approaches to reduce the prevalence of child labour amongst vulnerable cocoa growing households in Ghana. The project is exploring two key areas of innovation: a risk-based approach to monitoring and remediation of child labour in supply chains ; and direct income support to vulnerable farming households.

Key outcomes

The project has led to the development of a risk-based targeting mechanism, utilising already existing data to identify at-risk households within cocoa-growing communities.

Project partners



Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Project downloads

Prior to commencing the project, ICI carried out a literature view on the impact of cash transfers on child labour. Read The effect of cash transfers on child labour: Evidence from rural contexts.

Access “Predicting child labour risk at the household level: A risk model for cocoa farming households in Ghana’, a report on a new model designed to identify households in need of assistance.

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