Coulibaly Salimata

Student of Konankro's primary school


“My name is Coulibaly Salimata. I am 10 years old and I am in second grade at the primary public school in Dohoun-konankro.

Before, I didn’t go to school. I used to stay at home while my friends were going to school. I used to help my aunt working in the field. When we were coming back home from the field, we used to carry bundles of wood, cassavas, bananas and vegetables for the whole family.

One day, some members of the Community Child Protection Committee came to my house and asked me why I was not going to school. I told them that my dad was travelling and that I was helping my aunt working at home and in the field. I also said that I wanted to go to school like my friends. That’s why they took me to school to register.

I am very happy to study in this beautiful classroom. For our first writing exercise, I was third in my class. I will keep studying hard so that one day when I grow up I can become a teacher.”

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