Kouadio Ahou Agnes

President of women's association

Groupement_de femmes_DK_06_09_16Kouadio Ahou Agnes recalls how things were before ICI’s intervention in her community of Dohoun-Konankro and explains how things have changed over time.

“My name is Kouadio Ahou Agnes and I am the President of the women’s association “SOCANC-SIKEMI” in Dohoun-Konankro. Dohoun-Konankro is a cocoa growing community located in the Southeastern area of Côte d’Ivoire, in the Nawa region. According to the community leaders’ estimation, there is a population of 4460 people, of which 3160 are children.

Before we started this project with ICI, all women were isolated and only took care of their household. There were no community activities for women. Each time we were going to the field, our children came with us. They helped us with our work. The school was built out of bamboo and straw. When it rained, our children were damp, and so were their books and notebooks. Because of this problem, we didn’t want to register our children for school. But today, thanks to our project with ICI, things have changed a lot. We, women, are more united, no matter our social and ethnic differences. We created our own Association, and ICI trained us and gave us a lot of support.

ICI helped us grow cornfields, cassavas and peanuts. During the holiday period, we sell drinks to fill our cash box. We started from nothing and now we have 989’050 F CFA in our cashbox (on the 20th January 2016). Thanks to our actions, we donated 50’000 F CFA to the School Management Committee (SMC) to restore our school, and we also bought buckets and cups for the children to be able to drink while at school. We are committed to guaranteeing a quality education to our children. Now that ICI has built three new beautiful classrooms and that we have restored three other classrooms, our school is much nicer and more attractive. Together with the Community Children Protection Committee (CCPC), we extend our awareness-raising campaigns to the women in the neighbouring communities so that they send their children to school as well. What we need today is to build a school canteen to enable our children, and above all those of the neighbouring communities, to eat well at lunch. We already have a stock of rice that we are planning on giving to the future canteen.

We would like to thank once again the ICI Foundation for helping us and our children.”

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